Miduoke's new channel WhatsApp
Excellent carrier for cross-border
private domain traffic

The choice of 2 billion users around the world, helping cross-border e-commerce to increase customer viscosity and reach buyers efficiently

WhatsApp & MiduokeGlobal Services Marketing Guide

Omn-ichannel + AI service marketing,let private domain marketing quietly "butterfly"

Feature Highlights
  • Omni-channel customer service, unified access management
  • Intelligent AI, single-round, multi-round dialogue, custom thesaurus, etc.
  • Multiple BSP access options, unified management, query and statistics
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WhatsApp via Miduoke Global interconnection maintains ove-rseas customers

Sellers can deepen the connection with customers through the Miduoke WhatsApp system,thereby increasing user stickiness

Feature Highlights
  • Customized group sending, one-click import of contacts, label filtering, scheduled/instant tasks, group sending Results in real time
  • Fan management, re-communication with intended customers to avoid customer loss
  • Template management, point-and-shoot template creation process, reduce learning costs
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Intelligent assistance, efficient comm-unication Support access to WhatsApp messag-es

Cross-border communication to develop new customers, automatic tra-nslation, barrier-free communication

Feature Highlights
  • Users initiate inquiries from WhatsApp channels, and unify the Miduoke workbench to complete the reception
  • Automatic translation, support real-time chat two-way translation, more efficient and convenient
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Which industries are suitable for accessing
WhatsApp Business API?

Retail and e-commerce

Retailers and e-commerce businesses can interact directly with customers through the WhatsApp API, providing services such as order updates, transaction confirmations, logistics tracking and customer support. This helps provide a better shopping experience and increases customer engagement and loyalty

Tourism and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality businesses can use the WhatsApp API to provide customers with information such as itineraries, booking confirmations, check-in procedures, check-in instructions, and travel advice. Through direct communication via WhatsApp, businesses can provide personalized service and increase customer interaction with the brand

Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions can leverage the WhatsApp API to provide account balance inquiries, transaction alerts, fraud alerts, customer support, and more. This real-time, secure form of communication increases customer convenience and satisfaction, and provides better security

Medical Insurance

Medical institutions and healthcare service providers can send appointment reminders, medical advice, medication reminders, real-time consultations, etc. to patients through the WhatsApp API. This helps improve patient treatment convenience, compliance, and satisfaction, and improves the efficiency of healthcare communications

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